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Consensus offers a healthcare solution suite enabling better care coordination through interoperability, connectivity, and compliance.


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    Enhances your interoperability without changing what you do today. From cloud faxing to direct secure messaging, you can benefit from better document management including C–CDA, support FHIR, and even turn unstructured data into structured data for EHR consumption.

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    Bridge The Gap Between Multiple Systems, Standards, And Data Sets, Using A Single Point Of Access For Developing Interoperability. Consensus Harmony Includes Universal Healthcare APIs, Cloud Fax APIs, Electronic Signature APIs, And Connectivity To Multiple Participating EHR Partners And Other Leading Industry Cloud Marketplaces.

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    Delivers real-time ADT event alert notifications, connecting providers and care teams wherever patients receive care. Helps you meet CMS requirements, cut costs, reduce readmissions, and improve care.

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    Consensus Clarity Is Built From The Ground Up With Medical Context As Its Foundation. As A Bespoke OCR/NLP Solution, It Differs From Other Commercially Available Offerings By Supporting Context-Based Understanding. This Means It Reads The Entire Page/Document And Uses Machine-Learned Intelligence Built-In For Medical Understanding.

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